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Professional Disinfection in Maasvlakte Rotterdam

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Professional disinfection kills virtually all bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Society at 1.5 meters is the new 'normal'. Hygiene plays a major role in this. In addition to frequent hand washing, it is important to keep places clean and hygienic. This treatment is suitable for almost all sectors and is able to kill bacteria and fight viruses including COVID-19 through atomization, based on hydrogen peroxide.

Indoor ventilation and air quality is crucial! It is possible to have a CO2 measurement performed by Gasmeetstation in public spaces such as nursing homes, GP surgeries, offices, restaurants and schools. Aerosols can linger for a long time due to poor ventilation and improper humidity, allowing attendees to inhale them with all the risks that entails.

For virtually all sectors

From offices, care centers, hairdressers, sports centers, airplanes, residential homes, hotels to education, maritime and retail. Gasmeetstation has qualified and certified personnel. By spraying the rooms with hydrogen peroxide, it kills up to 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

How does it work?

Prior to disinfection, specially trained cleaners will prepare the areas and a team of certified specialists will disinfect the area through atomization. This methodology kills fungi, bacteria and viruses present up to 99.9%.

After the incubation period, the room is ventilated. After this, measurements are taken. When measurements show that the air quality meets the standards, the room is released again. You will receive a treatment certificate.


  • Fast treatment

    Due to good preparation, a short downtime is possible. When measurements show that the air quality meets the standards, the room is released again. After a few hours, the treated areas are accessible again.

  • Biodegradable

    The treatment consists of atomizing certified hydrogen peroxide-based products using special atomizers that disinfect without damaging the surfaces. The hydrogen peroxide is biodegradable.

  • CO2 measurement also possible

    It is also possible to have a CO2 measurement carried out in public spaces such as an open-plan office. Aerosols can linger for a long time due to poor ventilation and not having the right humidity, so that people present can inhale them with all the risks that this entails.

  • Certified and trained personnel

    We have qualified and certified staff allowing us to provide sound advice.

More information? Feel free to contact us.

Gasmeetstation Nederland BV
3199 KR Maasvlakte-Rotterdam

Functie:professional disinfection
Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:1 – 40

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